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8am-5pm, Mon - Fri | 9am-2pm, Sat | Closed Sundays

Wine Festival 2022: Uncorking the Magic of South African Wines in Malawi

Malawi’s First Ever Wine Festival – An Unforgettable Culinary and Cultural Experience

In a groundbreaking event that delighted wine enthusiasts and novices alike, the Wine Festival 2022 uncorked the finest flavors of South African wines in the heart of Malawi. Hosted by Wines and Wings, this unique festival brought together the excellence of 15 of South Africa’s top wineries and Cederberg Craft Brewery for a celebration of flavors and friendship.

The Wine Adventure:

Held at the picturesque Kumbali Country Lodge, the festival welcomed attendees to indulge in a sensory journey of wine and craft beer tasting. The event showcased carefully selected South African wineries that embraced quality over quantity, setting the stage for a premium experience.

The Highlights:

  • Date: Saturday, 4th June 2022
  • Venue: Kumbali Country Lodge
  • Time: 12:30 PM
  • A Culinary Extravaganza: Delicious food stalls
  • Live Music to Set the Mood
  • Swimming Pool Bliss
  • Engaging Lawn Games
  • An Array of Wines and Craft Beers to Savor
  • Stall Hosts: Top SA Wineries including Oldenburg, Idiom, Ataraxia, Ken Forester, Cederberg, Benguela Cove, Paul Wallace, Vondeling, Anthonij Rupert, and Kaapzicht

An Exclusive Experience:

For the wine connoisseurs seeking an even more intimate experience, a VIP Invite-Only event was hosted. Attendees were treated to an elegant evening of private wine tasting with the wine partners on the 3rd of June. The stunning ambiance of The Deck at Wines and Wings set the scene for a delightful gathering, allowing cherished clients to mingle and connect.

A Sip of the Future:

The Wine Festival was not only a celebration of flavor but also a cultural exchange. By introducing South African wine brands to Malawi, this event created a bridge between these two beautiful nations. With over 400 attendees at the inaugural festival, it’s clear that the Wine Festival is set to become an annual highlight in Malawi’s event calendar.

Pre-Festival Delights:

Prior to the grand Wine Festival, key partners were invited to an enlightening Wine Staff Training session. This session focused on imparting knowledge about wines and the art of serving. Business partners like La Cantina, Sunbird, Mkulumadzi, Kuthengo, Pumulani, Coco’s, Kumbali Lodge, The Farmers Daughter, Cafe 92, and Mamma Mia gathered to enrich their understanding of wines and enhance their service quality.

Looking Ahead:

The Wine Festival 2022 marked the beginning of a tradition that promises to bring world-class wines to the heart of Malawi. With the success of this inaugural event, the future holds even greater potential for the Wine Festival to flourish, celebrating the marriage of flavors, culture, and friendship.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting events in the world of wines and wings!