8am-5pm, Mon - Fri | 9am-2pm, Sat | Closed Sundays
8am-5pm, Mon - Fri | 9am-2pm, Sat | Closed Sundays

Wine Festival - A Celebration of Fine Wines

Welcome to our Wine Festival page, where we share our passion for exquisite wines and the joy of celebration. Our Wine Festival is a cherished tradition that brings together our dedicated business partners, hardworking team, and esteemed wine partners. With their unwavering support, we proudly showcase exceptional wines to the beautiful country of Malawi.

Events at a Glance:

  • Annual Wine Festivals: Our signature annual events are the heart of our celebrations.
    Immerse yourself in a world of fine wines and discover the beauty of flavors, aromas, and the art of winemaking.
  • Collaboration Opportunities: If you’re interested in collaborating with us, whether you’re a winery, restaurant, or an enthusiast, please reach out to us at sales@winesandwings.com for inquiries.

Official Partners:

We are honored to partner with renowned restaurants and wineries that share our dedication to the world of wine. Explore our official partners and indulge in exceptional culinary and wine experiences.

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Timeline of our Events:

Wine Festival – 2024

• Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming event in 2024!

[link to 2024 festival page]

Upcoming Events:

Pre-Wine Festival Events

• Keep an eye out for exciting events leading up to our Wine Festival! Details coming soon.

[link to 2024 festival page]

Wine Festival – 2023

  • VIP Wine Soiree at Kumbali Castle
  • Wild About Wine Tasting at Woodlands
  • Movie Night at Farmer’s Daughter [link to 2023 festival page]

Wine Festival – 2022

• Date: Saturday, 4th June 2022

[link to 2022 festival page]

Our Beginnings:

Our journey began with two highly successful sunset wine tasting events hosted in the serene ambiance of our Area 12 compound. Guests had the pleasure of savoring the finest wines from South Africa, expertly paired with delectable sweet and savory canapes that enhanced the intricate flavors in each glass. These gatherings created memories that still resonate with us today.

As we navigated the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to put our future events on pause. However, we remained hopeful for a brighter tomorrow as the vaccine distribution progresses across Malawi. We eagerly anticipated the day we would reunite to celebrate the magic of South African wine in our beloved homeland. The rest is history!

Stay connected with us through our newsletters and Instagram for updates on our upcoming events and the resumption of our cherished Wine Festival.

At Wines & Wings, the joy of wine and the spirit of celebration are at the heart of all we do. Join us in raising a glass to the beauty of life, one exquisite sip at a time.

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