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8am-5pm, Mon - Fri | 9am-2pm, Sat | Closed Sundays

Soaps, Beauty & Health

1. PETRICHOR body and aroma oils

3. O’LIVE face & body soaps, and massage candles



Petrichor Oils

Petrichor Oils ethically source natural and essential oils from environmentally conscious farms, mainly in South Africa but also from other parts of the African Continent and overseas. 
Petrichor means ‘Pleasant Scent of Rain on Dry Earth’ which they try to simulate with their evocative earthy aromas which have hints of floral and citrus hues. They blend the oils into aromas, face and body oils. Each of their scents evoke an emotion, inviting a time to feel happiness, calmness or energised.


PlantCeuticals offers a range of elixirs born from a dialogue with plants they know and have grown themselves. Guided by nature as their mentor and teacher, they use locally evolved wisdom and experience to create active healing protocols.

They recommend that natural remedies be used as a preventative measure or be taken at the earliest onset of illness, giving the plants time to strengthen the body’s natural responses.

O'Live Soaps

Using only 100% natural, plant-based ingredients, O’Live craft olive oil soaps from scratch with the traditional cold-process method of soap making which retains the nourishing benefits of the ingredients.  Their main ingredient is locally grown Olive Oil which makes a mild and gentle skin-nourishing soap.  They begin the process by blending the olive oil, unrefined shea butter and coconut oil with, pure indigenous essential oils to scent and add both aromatherapy and healing benefits to their bars.  To add colour and texture, they infuse organic and sustainably sourced  local teas like honey-bush and rooibos, herbs, clays, cold-pressed oils and fynbos honey. The process of slow-soap then proceeds with curing the handmade, hand-cut and hand-stamped soap for up to 6 weeks, and finally packaging them in, recycled and plastic-free packaging.

Find their range of luxurious, all-natural, vegan-friendly handmade soaps and skincare in our shop.


Olive Oil

Award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced on the Rio Largo Olive Estate in the Scherpenheuwel Valley, between Worcester and Robertson on the Southern banks of the Breede River in South Africa. Grown, picked, processed and stored in perfect conditions on the estate. RIO LARGO olive oil is sold in 500ml, 1 litre and 2 litre decanters. The easy-twist tap prolongs the freshness and delicious flavours of this multiple award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

The Benguela Cove olive oils derive their distinctive character from the estate’s terroir. The maritime winds and above average rainfall add to the character of this region’s olives and wines. Their olives are grown, harvested by hand and carefully extracted into delicious oils – all on the Benguela Cove estate. They use continuous extraction methods, with a state of the art press, to produce their cold extracted olive oil. 

Use it in salad dressings, when baking, grilling, stir-frying or in place of butter. Enjoy the olive oil in its most simple form with bread and green apples. Dip the bread in the olive oil, taste, and bite into the apple. Repeat the process. It is a simple but satisfactory snack or meal.