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8am-5pm, Mon - Fri | 9am-2pm, Sat | Closed Sundays

How did we Start

So how did a safari operator come to import delicious South African wines to Malawi?

Good question! With COVID 19 writing 2020 as the worst year for most but crippling for the tourism industry it was time to develop our other passions and interests to see how we could get through the year. We are often found on a Friday afternoon throwing around ideas and developing strategies over a few ‘sundowners’ to increase our creativity. All of us are partial to a glass of vino and it is nice to share a bottle among the team after a hard working week. However Malawi lacks great wines and they can often be very expensive, having been imported from South Africa. Realising a gap in the market we realised we could brighten up everyone’s lockdowns by importing wine to our hometown. Plus we get to support the amazing vineyards, who went through a tough time when they were banned from selling their wines in their home nation! So why not spread the joy and open this up to others as we export from SA to Malawi? And thus the concept of Wines & Wings was born. The team eager and waiting, volunteered as tributes to do some tasting to see exactly what we would bring in and as a team we made the first selections.

Teaming up with Under the Influence in South Africa it is our hope to bring a large variety of well-priced good quality wines into Malawi, not only to your homes, but also to the restaurants you visit, the lodges you stay at and your local bar! That way wherever you are in Malawi (and perhaps further) you can be assured you will, at the very least be drinking the finest wines. Especially whilst international travel is off the cards, let us bring the vineyards to you and take the edge off what has been a bit of a shocker of a year! Then when we do start to travel again let us give you the best sundowner for unforgettable moments all year round!

Mike and the Wines & Wings Team