8am-5pm, Mon - Fri | 9am-2pm, Sat | Closed Sundays
8am-5pm, Mon - Fri | 9am-2pm, Sat | Closed Sundays

Wines & Wings
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Great wine for great moments

Bringing the terroir of South Africa to your table. Enjoy great wine for great moments, from the small artisanal wineries who nurture each and every bottle with passion, quality and authenticity. Our buyers are free to buy wines they believe in as we don’t chase profit making names or quick buck trends. If you are looking for an adventure of the senses look no further than our collection of unique gems made with love that conserve and cultivate the environment within they are grown. Fantastic products delivered to your door right here in Malawi, taste your curiosity.

Meet the Team

  • wines-and-wings-malawi-team-Mike

    Mike Varndell

    Founder & CEO
  • wines-and-wings-malawi-team-Lotte

    Lotte Varndell – van Rooij

    Founding Partner
  • Trent Jannah

    Sales & Business Development
  • Sharon Mhango

    Sales & Brand Ambassador
  • Wines and Wings

    Richard Phiri

    Sales & Front of House
  • Ken Phiri - Team-Wines-and-Wings

    Ken Phiri

    Sales & Front of House

News & Updates

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So how did a safari operator come to import delicious South African wines to Malawi? Good question! With COVID 19...
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What Makes a Good Wine

Ever walked into a shop or supermarket and looked at the huge shelves (ok that maybe for those of us...
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